Think. Create. Grow.

Bringing your writing to life and learning where to begin can be a challenge. This course guides you through the writing process to develop and create a project you are passionate about while bringing it to life. The process to publishing can be daunting but we provide tips to prepare you for the process. Blogging is another interactive form of writing where you can engage and influence others on the other side of a screen daily. Showing you where to begin so you can grow is what we are all about!

Authenticity is Key.

I recall my early days of writing and journaling for fun. They were great but I wanted more than just myself to inspire. I began a journey of jotting things down and over time came to the realization that writing a book after several attempts through the years was not an easy venture. Hence why after writing and publishing a book with no one to guide me was the catalyst for me to help guide others along the way to a much easier journey than I had experienced start to finish.

I hope it helps you as you bring your vision or inspiration to life whether that is for a career or for a hobby.

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Seeing life outside the lens.

Writing comes in all forms. Everyone's journey is unique and everyone's story is a roadmap for someone else. Life is oftentimes outside of what we see and writing itself is full of emotion regardless of genre. It is the inspiration itself that brings up connection with both a writer and a reader. We want to help bring out your inspiration, your own story, and passions to a place of influence for others to see what they typically don't from the outside looking in. That is the power of writing in the simplest form.

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